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Our Olive Grove

Our Olive Grove

The largest continuous olive grove in Balkans

The olive is considered to be the gift of Gods to (Man).


It is blessed tree that thrives in the Mediterranean region for over 7,000 years.


The olive is the symbol of peace, knowledge, wisdom of health and beauty.


It was not by chance that ancient Greek Olympic champions were crowned with on olive leaf wreath.


The traditional olive grove of Amfissa is the Largest continuous olive grove in the Balkans with an area of 67,000 acres and about 850,000 olive trees. Most of the trees are of the Amfissa variety, the age of which is lost in the mists of time.

The distance between the olive trees, the soil composition and the sea breeze that pervades the olive trees all year round, gives our olive oil a global uniqueness.


After handpicking the olives from our olive trees and having them pressed on the very same day in the olive oil mill through the process of cold extraction (25 ° C), carried out mechanically, we finally produce the excellent and extra virgin olive oil “Socrates Oil“.