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The Cultivation of Olive Trees

A history of Centuries

The cultivation of the olive tree is dated in ancient Greece from the Neolithic period (3,500 BC)

After handpicking the olives from our olive trees and having them pressed on the very same day in the oil mill through the process of cold extraction (25° C), carried our mechanically, we finally produce the excellent and extra virgin olive oil “SOCRATES”.


One of the first of cultivating the olive is that of the traditional olive grove. The density of trees per acre is 4-12 trees, with little or no irrigation being applied. Traditional olive groves also, due to thein cultivation, contribute to the preservation of the ecosystem and ecological balance.


The olive tree thrives on all soil types, but it is preferable to be planted in those with a pH of 6.5 to 7.5. Olive tree prefers the mild and sweet climate, without many and sudden changes in weather conditions. The very high temperatures delay vegetation, affect the formation of flowers, as well as the growth and maturation of the fruit.


The traditional olive grove of Amfissa is the largest olive grove in the Balkans and the oldest in Europe. It mostly includes perennial olive trees of the Amfissa variety, the height of which reaches 10-12 m.


In this traditional olive grove, we cultivate, with special love and care, our perennial trees, from which we produce the extra virgin olive oil “Socrates” as well as the olives of Amfissa “Socrates olives”.

Without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides and taking every element they need from the microclimate of the region, our-due to be declared organic-olive trees offer us the highest quality in the products produced.


The harvest of the olives is done by hand in late autumn, when the olive fruit is green and begins to get a bright reddish-purple color. In this condition the olives give us the best olive oil with the maximum number of polyphenols. The pressing of the fruit is made on the same day in a modern two-phase oil mill and at a temperature of up to  25° C.


Olive oil is stored in stainless tanks and in appropriate climatic condition until the day of bottling.